Introduction: Save Lives

The purpose of my apparatus is to always have a sweater that you can wear because it's getting colder and you will be able to just attach your mask to sweater when you have it on and this can save you time and you can wear any types of mask that you need. this will also help reduce the numbers of covid-19 in your community because everyone will have mask on while wearing sweaters.

Step 1: Supplies You Need to Complete This Project

  • String
  • Needle
  • 2 buttons
  • Sweater
  • Any type of mask
  • Scissors

Step 2: The First Step

These materials will help you just started on creating my apparatus. The first step is to go find a sweater that you use often it will be able to a have a hoodie on it. If you don´t get a hoodie that you wear often their will be no point for my apparatus. For that reason you need a sweater that you wear often.

Step 3: Second Step

The second step is to grab the string you have and they connect through the needle this is probably the hardest part of this whole apparatus.The reason for that is string is so small and hard to see at point so you´ll need some practice doing this step if you want to get good at this.

Step 4: Third Step

The third step you want to complete this pulling the needle through the sweater and making a cross path so your button has a sturdy place to stay.This way you´ll have those button their until you want to take them out. This way you will always be able to have a place to put your mask.

Step 5: Fourth Step

Is putting the button onto the sweater and making sure you pulled the string through each button hole and connecting it with the sweater. The button should be parallel so your mask will be straight and there will be no Hanging one way or the other if the buttons not parallel this apparatus will not work so make sure they're on equal planes.

Step 6: Final Step

Is the connect The second button on the other side of the sweater exactly where you put the first button just on different side of the sweater, make sure you saw it as I said and the step before and if you do so you will have two three buttons on your sweater allowing you to be able to put a mask on any mask that you want. the final step is to grab a mask and can Loop the mask around the buttons and you should have a proper apparatus that you can walk around with and there will be no need to put around your ears no more. this way you can just put on that sweater and get any math that you see can fits and just leave the house.