Introduction: Save Money by Melting Your Deoderant

Being the natural tightwad that I am, I'm always annoyed when there is a small ammount of deoderant, shampoo, lotion, etc. that cannot be used in the bottom of the bottle or package. This solution allows you to use that last little bit of deoderant left in the stick.

Step 1: Materials:

-Used deoderant stick
-New deoderant stick
-Baking soda, fragrance, or other additives (optional)

Step 2: Tools:

-Microwave oven
-Paper towels (optional, but good for keeping things clean)

Step 3: Melt Out the Remainder of the Old Deoderant Stick

Microwave the old deoderant for about 30 seconds or until it melts. It's a good idea to put a paper towel underneath the deoderant in the microwave so it doesn't spill anywhere.

Step 4: Pour Into New Deoderant Stick

Pour the melted remainder of the old deoderant into the new deoderant stick. You can add several different kinds of deoderant in layers, or add baking soda for a natural deoderant. Let everything cool for at least half an hour before using. Throw away the empty deoderant stick (it's given everything it has!).

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