Introduction: Save Money When Buying New Spectacle Frames

Don't wanna spend a lot of money on new frames? Try this and you may save more money than you think! I'm not an expert in this an have never tried this out but a couple of my friends had. I'm not responsible for anything at all.

Step 1: Get a Pair of Cheap Reading Glass

You can get them usually at drug stores but if you look deep into the internet you may get better deals and cooler looks. Here is one I bought from a local drug store for about 5 bucks and it looks awesome

Step 2: Pop the Lenses Out

The lens in there are usually for reading only so no long distance vision if you use these so you want to pop them out. Usually you just push on the lens and it should come out with ease.

Step 3: Bring It to the Store

Hopefully this would work in the store you go. Bring the frames and give them your perscription and request for custom lens. If it works, this should save your money :-)