Introduction: Save Space With 5 1/4" Floppy Disk File Storage

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Inspired by this instructable, the recent acquisition of a bunch of old floppies and our need for a place to store important papers while we were still using them and before they went into more permanent storage (that is, a place that was not a big pile on the kitchen counter), I decided to make a hanging file folder.

24 floppies and thread
sewing machine, small drill or punch, and needle (for hand sewing)

Using a zigzag stitch, a bright contrasting thread, and a denim needle (in the machine), I sewed together 8 rows of 3 floppies.

Then working from the top down I sewed rows together alternating between adding to the back layer and sewing on a front pocket.
I offset the front pockets slightly because the machine had trouble with the double layer.  I also had to stay slightly above the edge seem of the floppy, as this was too thick to stitch through.

The bottom pocket was edge stitched to the bottom row upside down and then flipped up.

I then drilled small holes in the corners of the pockets and looped a bunch of stitches through them by hand (since the material was too thick for the machine).

Finally I put a couple holes in the top to hang it from the wall with.

Now I can once again store files with 5 1/4" floppies!