Introduction: Save Fertilizer, Your Pocket, the World and Get Healthier Plants by Using Mycorrhiza

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Too much fertilizer is used in agriculture today. But more is not always better. Indeed, too much fertilizer can seriously harm your plants, burn their leafs and pollute ground water. The dose makes the poison.

Because in our days mineral fertilizers are easily available, we forgot about a lot of natural ways to improve our yield and to deal responsible with the world of our children. One day, these mineral fertilizers will be depleted.

One sustainable and easy way to help your plants are mycorrhiza fungi.

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Step 1: How Does It Work?

Comparable with human beings, plants need nutrients to survive.

But sometimes, not all nutrients are easily available.

Mycorrhizal fungi connects individual plants together and transfers water, carbon, and nutrients. It is a symbiotic (for both sides beneficial) association of a fungus and a plant. In nature, such arrangements are common in forests.

The roots of a plant are much bigger than the mycorrhizal roots. So the Mycorrhiza is able to enlarge the surface of the roots making it possible to reach smaller and further away nutrients as well as water.

Step 2: Advantages:

+ saves fertilizer

+ helps the plant so survive drought /helps to save water

+ Healthier plants

+ Higher yield

+ There could be no “too much”

+ cannot harm the plant or the planet

Step 3: Application

After you have dug out a hole for transplanting your seedlings. Add some Mycorrhiza. It should have direct contact with the roots of your plant to achieve the best resuls.

I use it for growing my giant pumpkins

and tomatoes.

It really helps a lot.

Thank you for reading.

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