Introduction: "Save the Usable!" Conservation Inventions With Makey Makey

About: Computers are going bananas! Use #makeymakey to practice invention literacy and connect the world to your computer.

10 Makey Makeys (1 for every group of 2 students), 10 PicoBoards (optional), miscellaneous objects--found at home/school, or from second-hand stores

Step 1: Note

This project was first made for a How-To Contest Makey Makey ran in 2013 and was formatted a little differently than this. This was a winning submission from The New Century School, Verona, WI, USA.

Step 2: Introduction

Introduction Video

Step 3: Materials

Step 4: Time

Step 5: Learning About Scratch

Step 6: Learning to Use the Makey Makey

Step 7: Brainstorming

What are some ways in which humans waste things?

Here are a list and a summary of some of our ideas about ways in which humans waste materials and resources.

Step 8: Choose Problem

Step 9: Brainstorm Possible Solutions

Here is a sample of students’ brainstorming.

Here is a blank template for brainstorming.

Step 10: Invention Planning

Sample of student work.

Blank template.

Step 11: Building and Debugging

Step 12: Videos and Website

Here is a template that helped students write scripts for their videos.

**Please visit our project website here.**

Step 13: Final Thoughts