Introduction: A DIY Phone to Save Your Children, Dog, Family, Pets, Grandparents, ... . Mini Modular GPRS and GPS System

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I want to show you my project. I think it is something that everyone has thought.

When we are at a party or a place with many people, sporting event, beach, celebrations, etc. we are always afraid of our children are lost. There are today some tracking system sold but they are only bluetooth devices with a little and usefulness range of 10 meters.

The system I am proposing is a DIY phone system that has both GPRS and GPS.

Taking advantage of the modular system that offers us SEEED, you will DIY a small phone with GPRS, a GPS module and a battery.

The operation will be as follows:

Option 1. The system continuously uploads to a website the GPS location. The interval in minutes could be programmed by sending an SMS to the same module. Apart from the GPS position data, it could also upload the battery status, temperature, and so on

Option 2. Only after receipt of an SMS with a certain code, uploads to the website the GPS position data, battery, and so on..

To save space and energy, it could be dispensed without GPRS module and function only via SMS, so that the system will answer an incoming SMS message with the requested data by sending a SMS.

Logically, phone numbers previously authorized to send such SMS would be configured, discarding any SMS from other numbers.

In the images, it is installed in a shoe. It would have just to expose a micro USB connection to charge the battery.

However, the system can be installed in hanging neck, bracelets, backpacks double bottom, and so on.

The GPS position allows a infinite range, because, despite our efforts, the child could be lost or hijacked (for this reason it is hide in the sole, double bottom of a backpack, and so on), GPS position It will give us valuable information to get our children back.

It could be also used with dogs, pets, grandparents, ...

I hope you to vote for this option !!!! Thank you.

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