Introduction: Savory Cranberry-Truffle Rice

This is a dish I actually stumbled on. I have always enjoyed experimenting with food, discovering things that go together well. Sometimes my guide can be how a certain spice may complement another by scent or savor.

Being that we just finished up a simple 3-ingredient venison dish, we made some rice to go on the side, and have a good source of excellent cheeses at an amazing price, and actually got the dried cranberries from there as well.

Now I have a three-ingredient rice dish that blew me away, so I thought I would share it here. Get some thoughts from the rest of you out there. Because I didn't realize what I had just made until after it was done, I didn't have the pictures of the full process, but how difficult is three ingredients, right?

And believe me, the combination is way better than you might surmise. Think sweet and savory.

The three ingredients

3 cups prepared rice

1 4oz pkg Montchevre Fresh Goat Cheese (Truffle Flavor)

1/2 c Dried Cranberries (adjust to taste)

Step 1: Make the Rice

The first ingredient of this basic recipe is prepared rice.

Basically, you prepare according to package instructions, 2 parts water to one part rice

For this recipe, I used 3 cups prepared rice (3 cups water to 1 1/2 cup rice)

Step 2: Add the Cheese

This is a very strong flavored, savory cheese (not for the faint of heart)

We enjoy it in a number of ways. We have been spoiled on good quality cheese. This brand does not disappoint.

As I mentioned, I stumbled on it at dinner time, and used what was left of the rice, but basically, used all the cheese in approx 3 cups prepared rice. This is a soft cheese, so it melts and assimilates well into the rice.

Stir the cheese until it is well blended in with the rice. It is packaged in a 4 oz package, so no need to store it, unless you want to save some cheese for snacking on something else.

(Nice thing, because this particular flavor of fresh goat cheese is very savory, there is no need to add salt, unless you need that extra fix.)

Step 3: Add the Cranberries and Enjoy!

Simply add the dried cranberries and mix until cranberries are evenly distributed.

I love the dried cranberries so much, I also sprinkled a generous portion on top before eating.

If you are someone who likes sweet/savory combination, this one will not disappoint.

A little personal secret. I actually bought this particular cheese on accident. I wasn't paying attention when I was at my favorite cheese store, and thought I was buying the plain goat cheese, for which I had other plans. I have bought this cheese before, and found the flavor a bit too strong for me. But pretty much anything you buy from this particular store, you will not be disappointed, and I am not about to throw out good cheese. I had to think in terms of "ingredient", and first mixed the cheese with the rice, and found it quite tasty, but missing something. Then I remembered the dried cranberries, and added them, and was instantly hooked.

I have made many different dishes, most of which come out quite tasty, and I am asked to repeat them. Since I usually "wing it" with some of these, it is often a different dish every time.

Note: You can adjust the portions to any proportion you prefer. There is no right or wrong here.


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