Introduction: All Purpose Flour Savory Snacks in Three Simple Variations.

Namak pare or nimki. There are many names for this crispy snack. They are made in many ways and many shapes but one thing is they are so tempting and you cant resist eating them.This snack goes well with some drink.

Ingredients required:
All purpose flour 2 cups.
2 to 3 tbsp butter
Any vegetable oil
Few cumin seeds
carom seeds(ajwain)
Red chilli powder
sesame seeds
Ginger garlic paste

Step 1: Method of Preparation:

Take a bowl. Add All purpose flour. Add all ingredients carom seeds, cumin seeds, red chilli powder,sesame seeds,Ginger garlic paste,salt.Add butter and mix properly.

Step 2:

Then add few spoons oil and knead the dough by adding water.Make in to firm dough. Dough should not be too soft.

Step 3:

Make the dough in to small balls and roll using rolling pin by dusting little flour in to thin sheets.

Step 4:

By using knife or a pizza cutter cut them in criss cross shape which form diamond shape bits.

Step 5:

Heat oil and fry this diamond shaped pieces in oil.Fry them on a medium flame . when the color changes to light brown increase the flame from medium to little high and fry till they turn golden brown. collect and drain them on paper napkins to remove excess oil.once cool store them in an air tight container.

Step 6: Another Variation of This Savory Snack Bites Is by Using Spinach(spinach All Purpose Flour Savory Snacks)

spinach is one of the healthy green leafy vegetable rich in vitamin k,folate and many other minerals and vitamins.It is a good anti oxidant.

Ingredients required for spinach All purpose flour savory snacks:
All ingredients are same as given for plain savory snacks. Only addition of spinach and little less water is required for kneading the dough.

Step 7: Procedure:

I have taken about 10 small blocks of spinach for 2 cups of All purpose flour.Boil the frozen spinat blocks. Take a bowl add All purpose flour,red chilli powder,carom seeds,sesame seeds,ginger garlic paste ,salt,butter,oil. Add boiled spinat and knead the dough by adding very little water.
Roll the dough using rolling pin,cut in to diamond shape bits and fry in oil until it turns golden brown.

Step 8: Third Variation Using Tomato:(Tomato All Purpose Flour Savory Snacks)

Ingredients are again same as given in plain savory snacks except adding tomato. No water is required for kneading.

cut tomatoes and blend in a blender or u can use store bought tomato puree directly.In a bowl mix all ingredients with flour.Add puree and knead the dough. No addition of water for kneading is required . Roll and cut in to diamond bits and fry in oil.

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