Introduction: Saw Horse Corner Speaker Stands, With Amplifier Hammock

This instructable shows how to hastily make speaker stands out of pallet wood and cheap wooden sawhorses. You might need to build these stands in a hurry if, for example, your wife buys a cheap but nice couch at the 2nd hand store which unfortunately has high armrests which absorb the lovely audiophile quality sound of your precious tweeters. These will let you get your precious tweeters a little higher, about ear level, and above (more or less) that pesky damn arm rest.

You can also build a hammock for your precious amplifier underneath one of them, and perhaps a bookshelf made of crates under the other.

Step 1: Start With a Cheap Wooden Sawhorse

I got these at Bauhaus, a big hardware store, in Germany - but this should be doable with any cheap wooden sawhorse.

We'll be placing the sawhorse on its side, so first we need to cut the top of one side away so that that the side can lay flush on the ground.

Next, remove the hinges on the sides.

Now spread the the two halves apart and remove the hinge biscuits at the top of the sawhorse so the two sides are separate.

Now screw in the two sides of the sawhorse perpendicular to one another (use a square, or something square, to get the angle right or at least close. This is the corner frame of your speaker stand.

Step 2: Tear Up a Pallet and Add Some Planking

Pallet wood is cheap and glorious. And in Europe it won't even poison you!

Get a couple of planks and lay it across the top. Screw it in with your screw gun. Then cut the ends that protrude off with your saw.

Step 3: The Amplifier Hammock

Sure I could have just put it on the subwoofer, but vibrating your electronics like that is just naughty and bad.

So - get a piece of plywood that vaguely matches the footprint of your precious amplifier. Drill a hole in each corner that is large enough to easily put a piece of 4 or 5 mm paracord through such that it passes under the plywood, and pops up on the other side. Tie one end off and position the plywood so it is reasonably level, then tie the other end to the other side of the speaker stand.

You can also just stick some wooden crates underneath it, like the last picture in the intro.

Enjoy the delicious sound of your properly placed ear-level tweeters!

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