Sawdust Fire Starters

Introduction: Sawdust Fire Starters

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Step 1: To Make

Mixture is roughly 50/50 saw dust and candle wax. I used a variety of candles I found around my home and sawdust from my guitar shop.

Heat wax. Careful not to catch it on fire. I do this outside for a reason.

Mix in saw dust.

Let cool to the touch but not to solid.

Lay out coffee filters and put mixture into middle.

Roll them upp tight. Wax should soak thru the filter.

Let them sit for a few hours.

Light up!

Step 2: About

These light with just a 2-3 second flame from a lighter. The waxy filter starts first an within a few minutes the mixture will start up. Originally I didn't use the filter as a wrapper and it took a long time to light.

The saw dust can come from a range if woods. Just make sure it's not treated or finished material. If I need to cut something treated or finished I will empty my current dust bag and save it before hand. But being that I don't have much call for cuts on either in my guitar shop, I don't have to do it often.

Doing a timed test today half a stick burned for 18min.

These are great for camping, fire pits, charcoal, you name it.

If your mixture is crumbly you need more wax. If it is rock solid and doesn't light well. You need fire fuel (sawdust)

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    6 years ago

    This looks very simple - a great idea and no waste of either wax or sawdust. I'd suggest heating the candle wax in a separate container over a pan of water, then it's less likely to catch fire. Basically you melt it as you would chocolate, rather than over direct heat.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is an awesome idea! I especially love the coffee filter. I will be trying this one very soon!