Introduction: Sawdust, It's Glitter for Men!

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In this project we shall be ustilizing sawdust as man glitter!

Let's transform some plain boring glass jars into some sawdust decor which would go great with that rustic farm house style theme.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need something to Glitterfy in a manly way, for this I chose these glass jars I had in the garage.

You will also need sawdust, electrical tape, a cheap brush you can throw away, strainer, glue and clear coat spray.

For the glue I used the top Lepage glue, which is 100% glue with no solvents. It's basicly above white glue and below super glue, but I'm sure wood glue would work fine also. (Just make sure it dries clear)

Please cover your work surface with news paper or something to avoid the glue and sawdust sticking to your table and make for an easy clean up afterwards.

Step 2: Prep Your Glitterfication Vessel

First off wash your jars or surfaces as to not have any grease or oil on the glass so the glue will stick.

Then use the electrical tape to mark off patterns on the glass for you to glue and glitter...Daa mean Sawdust lol.

( I use electrical tape because it sticks very well unlike painters tape and creates a tight seal to the glass, also it doesn't leave gummy residue like duct tape does.)

This is the creative part, mark off your lines evenly or all over the place who cares if it's not perfect, life isn't perfect just have fun doing it!

Step 3: Glue, Spread and Sawdust

Now we must prep our sawdust we gathered from the workshop, wait till your spouse is asleep and use the kitchen strainer to make your man glitter a nice uniform consistency and get rid of the larger wood pieces. I was shaking it over her baking sheet and then used the baking sheet as the glitter tub to roll the jars in.

Now comes the fun part, time is of the essence here check your glue instructions as to how long you have before it sets.

I have tried a few ways of marking and taping with sawdust, the easiest was to spread the glue all over the exposed glass parts then take all the tape off first.

Roll your vessel in a baking pan of saw dust or sprinkle all over the applying pressure on the glue parts to make sure you cover it all and it sticks.

Tap it gently over the catch sheet and put aside to dry.

Step 4: Clean Up the Newly Manly Glittered Vessel

I utilized a small paint brush and my own hot air to blow and brush clean the glass parts before the final sealing coat.

This part is important because if you don't clean the glass properly then when you go to seal it with the clear coat you will lock in that dirt FOREVER...Ever...ever....ever! (

Step 5: Sealing Your Man Glitter and Displaying Your Creation

So we are almost done now, we just need to seal the sawdust to the glass with a few coats of clear coat spray.

Don't try just spraying the wood part because then you will see a misty pattern on the near by glass parts.

I found the easiest way to spray these was to cover my hand with a plastic bag and put it in the glass jar, then spray all around with it on my hand. The plastic bag protected my wrist and arm from being sprayed on.

Congratulations were now done, all we need to do is put a few neat beach rocks we picked earlier, maybe some sand and a couple of candles. I wish we could fill the bottom with saw dust, but something tells me that would be a band idea as a candle holder base lol.

Thank you everyone for tagging along in this instructables,

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