Introduction: Sawfish 16 a Styrofoam Kayak


I`ve found the instructables from Rowerwet about his Sawfish 16 Kayak made from Styrofoam.

I would never by Styrofoam for Boatbuilding, but here in the Workshop we have a lot of Styrofoam sheets left over from our 6 axis cnc Milling mashine and I´ve thought this could be an upcycling project for me. I prefer more to work with wood.

Also I don`t know where I can by those big sheets Styrofoam that Mr. Rowerwet use in his Instructable, here in Germany. At first, I`ve made Templates from the Bottom and the Sidestringers. Of course this was a little bit more of Work to create the complete sheets with glue. My material was a little bit thicker. There are 3 Stringers per Side. They are in a overlapping Distance of aprox.25mm, like a Step. But my Idea was, why shaped everything and make a lot of Dust, just cut the sides in the Angel like a multishine Boat as you can see on the Pictures. The Angel depend from the Height of your Material.

At home in my outdoor workshop I started to glue everything together.I lift Bow and stern aprox 5cm and put some Bricks on the Bottom to keep it in Position. In the Toplayer I made a Notch on both sides 10by25mm.

I will glue an In- and Outwale over the whole lenght for more Stability. I can also screw later something like seats or Clamps. That`s all for now. Please visit

This is the Original,thanks again to Mr.Rowerwet!