Introduction: Saws-all Blade Holder

This is a pretty easy one.  It's a cheap and easy holder for your saws-all blades

Step 1: Setup and Materials

Gather up all of your blades and measure how long your longest blade is.  This will determine how long a piece of PVC you will need.

Find yourself a piece of scrap PVC. You can use schedule 40 like I did of something lighter weight (but not as tough) like schedule 120. I'm pretty rough on stuff when I'm working so I suggest using schedule 40. It's also what I work with mostly and have fitting laying around for.    The size of the pipe depends on how many blades you have.  I used a piece of 2½" pipe.  You will also need PVC cleaner, glue, a cap, a threaded connector and threaded cap.

Step 2: Assembly

Cut your pipe to the appropriate length.  Make sure to leave so extra inches so you won't have problems screwing the cap on.  Clean both ends and glue the cap and threaded connector on either end.  My picture shows a threaded connector and cap on both ends because these were parts I had available.  A threaded connector on both ends is not necessary and redundant.

Step 3: Use

After the glue has dried drop in your blades, then screw the cap in place.