Introduction: Sawzall Blade Knife Blade

this Instructable will show you how to make the blade ONLY!! the handle will come in my next Instructable.

Step 1: Remove the Paint

i used a file and a knife(witch broke:'-[ ) and all i did was scrape the paint off (it was difficult)

Step 2: Make a Paper Cutout

1. draw out your desired blade design
2. cut the piece out
3. glue it onto the blade i used thick paint(it was all i had on my computer desk)

Step 3: Spray the Blade With Paint

i used paint to mark the stencil but you can use a marker

Step 4: Grind the Shape

use anything you have to grind/file this down
i would rather have used files but for some reason i couldn't find them

carefully grind the rough shape on the coarse wheel than refine it on the fine wheel

Step 5: Sharpening

use a file or stone to sharpen it and to finish it all off use emery cloth to polish it

Step 6: Handle

To make the handle i just wound cord around it and than tied it through the hole in the end.