Introduction: Say "I Love You" in Wood I My Story on How We Decided to Tie the Knot - Love Spoon Carving

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To me, the sincerest expression of emotions would not be cakes, flowers or jewelry, but something made with hands. This is why I'm in love with my husband for 5 years.

Yes, 5 years passed by and I'm still in love.

Of course, some of you have a longer love story. While it does not really matter how long have you been together. As well as it doesn't matter if there is a special day to express your feelings to each other.

My husband is a woodcarver as you already know. This is why he made a love spoon for me. Well, actually we were making it together.

Everything was happening on Saint Valentine's Day, so it's obvious that I thought it's just a special gift we're making together. While it the end it appeared to be not just a gift.

But first, let me go through the love spoon making so that the instructable would cover the main topic.


My hubby is a fan of BeaverCraft, so at the time their latest DIY kit appeared on Amazon, he went ahead buying it.

Actually, it's a funny story, he got an idea to make a love spoon prior to the kit appearance. Don't really know how that's happened. You call it magic I guess.

But of course, you can make a spoon with getting all supplies one by one, it will take more time and eventually more money (while it depends of course what brands you choose).

You'll need

Step 1: Get Everything You Need

My husband prepared all supplies while I got a cookie for myself :D

Step 2: Start Carving. Shape the Spoon

Glue the pattern to the blank. Figure where to go with the knife. Mark the layout at a distance of 2.4’’ and 4.7’’ from the edge.

Step 3: Continue Carving. Hollow Out a Spoon

In an easy and flowing manner hollow out the spoon

Step 4: Continue Carving. Work on the Handle Knots.

Celtic knots represent two souls getting in one. Our universe grants every soul a twin-a a reflection of themselves -the kindred spirit – And no matter where they are or how far away they are from each other- even if they are in different dimensions, they will always find one another.

Round off the edges of a spoon.

Step 5: Make Sure to Have a Minute to Strop Your Knives.

So they would remain super sharp and shiny. Leather strop and the stropping compound are all you need to get your knives super sharp. Strop one side of the blade away from yourself for 20-30 times.

Then strop the other side of the blade towards yourself for 20-30 times.

Step 6: Sand It to Get Rid of All the Burrs

Let’s sand a spoon with a sandpaper P150, P220, and P320. Meaning first, go with a sandpaper grit of 150, then of 220 and finally of 320. This way our lovely spoon would become smooth and shiny.

Step 7: Raisin on the Top.

After we made a spoon, cleaned everything, the main thing planned by my husband happened.

He took my hand and said the words I'll remember forever:

"We tied the knot in the wood, let's do that as well in the church".

Who knows, maybe it's too old-fashioned for some people. While it works great for me. We made an Oath in Eternal Love in wood. And this spoon would be a symbol of our feelings to each other forever.

Thank you for reading my instructable. I hope you enjoyed. I bring the sincerest apologies in case the instructions are not well-structured or detailed. The main thing was to share the final result of our project.

If you're on the go to try making one, then a love spoon carving kit from BeaverCraft would be the best as everything is included in the kit, plus full video guide and booklet is emailed.

Anyhow, I was glad to dole out the news to you.

We're going to tie the knot for real in April.

Feel free to ask any questions and enjoy your day!

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