Introduction: Scale Model House

In this instructable I will show you how to build a 1/64 scale model house. the way you cut the craft sticks determines how the house will look, I used wire cutters because thats all I had to cut it with so its crooked in some places.

What you will need:

wood glue
750+ craft sticks
foam board
cutting tool

Step 1: Draw Plans

First you need to draw the plans on paper then scale it up to the foam board. I used 1 inch = 2 feet.

Step 2: First Floor

After you have the floor plan drawn out on the foam board you can start making the walls for the first floor. I spaced the studs 1/2" apart and made the windows/doors 1" wide.

Step 3: Floor Beams/Stairs

Once all the walls are up for the first floor you can put in the floor beams that hold the floor of the second story up. You can also put the stairs in at this point which a made in a zig zag pattern.

Step 4: Second Story

Now you get to repeat the process with the second floor. Before you get to many walls up you need to put the sub floor in.

Step 5: Roof 1

After you get the walls up you can make the roof.I started with the garage.

Step 6: Roof 2

Now we need a roof over the main house. I started with the roof trusses, I had to make a dozen of these to be able to put a decent roof on. If you need a reference look in your attic.

Step 7: Roof Sheating

I didn't do this very well cause of the trusses underneath being uneven cause of being cut with pliers but it turned out pretty good.

Step 8: Final Thoughts

All in all it was a good project that took a few days to build. It would have turned out better if I could find my dremel and if it had bits. For using wire cutters it turn out bad but now I have a cramp in my hand.

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