Introduction: Scaling an Object

I this instructable, I will show you how to properly scale a Gerber mark ii, used by the winter soldier in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Scaling an object is a skill that I think everyone should learn. It is a very time consuming process, and you are probably wondering, why not just blow up the picture on a copy machine? Well the answer is, even though it takes a while, you will get much better results. So, let's get started!


  • pencil
  • pen
  • ruler
  • paper
  • calculator
  • computer
  • copy machine

Step 1: Selecting a Reference Image

Using the computer and copy machine, print an image to use as a reference picture. Fortunately, I found an outline of the knife to use for this instructable, but you might have to use an actual image.

Step 2: Finding the Correct Scale

To find the correct scale for your project, find the size that you want the object to be. For example, the actual size of the Gerber mark ii is 12.75 inches. Next, measure the length of the reference image. The length of the outline of the Gerber mark ii is 4.5625 inches. To find the scale simply divide 12.75 by 4.5625, which comes out to 2.79. Next, draw a line on a piece of paper 12.75 inches long. Measure the length of the pommel on the reference image. Multiply this number by 2.79. Then, mark this length from one end of your 12.75 inch line. Repeat this process for the handle and blade. I also made a chart of fractions and decimal equivalents for you to use.

Step 3: Creating the Pommel

Measure the length of the pommel on your reference image. Multiply it by 2.79. Then, from the pommel end of the 12.75 inch line, mark the length of the enlarged pommel. Next, at the top and bottom of the pommel, measure how wide they are, multiply it by 2.79, and add these measurements to the enlarged pommel. Last, sketch in the sides of the pommel.

Step 4: The Handle and Hilt

Measure the length of the handle on the reference image, and enlarge it. At the base of the handle, the side farthest from the pommel, measure the width of the handle on the reference image, and enlarge it by 2.79. In the widest section of the handle, measure the width, enlarge it, and add these measurements to your scaled-up version. To complete the handle, freehand in the sides. Using these same techniques, add the hilt.

Step 5: The Blade

For the blade, there is a straight section, a serrated section, and then the point. On your reference image, measure the straight section (the section closest to the hilt) enlarge it and add it to the knife. For the point, measure a few different points on the reference image, enlarge them and include these in your scale. Next, (on your reference image) measure how wide the point is at each of the determined lengths, and plot these points on the scale. Last, using the points you plotted in for the point, freehand in the sides of the point. If you just want a straight blade, then simply draw in the sides of the blade in between the straight section and the point, and you are done. But if you want a serrated blade, then measure the length and width of the teeth on the reference image, enlarge them, and add them to the midsection of the blade.

Step 6: Completion

You are done!

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