Introduction: ScanUp NFC Reader/writer and Audio Recorder for Blind, Visually Impaired and Everyone Else

I study industrial design and the project is the work of my semester. The aim is to support visually impaired and blind people with a device, that allows to record audio in the .WAV format on a SD card and call that information by an NFC tag. So in this device is an actual NFC reader and writer! So why is it interesting? Not everyone has a smartphone and some people cant cope with the complexity of an smartphone or don't want to. This device has two buttons. One for recording, one to play the recorded audio and if both buttons are pressed the NFC tag will be assigned to the actual audio. This project is explicitly a prototype and can be developed further. I would be happy to read about your approaches and ideas to get a better device!


To use the device I recommend:

Step 1: Making a Case

Print the case with a 3D-printer if you want a case. Otherwise you can test the devive without a case on a breadboard or you can make a cardboard box... Just keep in mind that there has to be a hole for every component, I suggest to make one for the arduino as well to change or upload the sketch.

You can also just print the "wiederverwendbar_nfc" file, it contains a holder for NFC tags in sticker format. They can be put on the surface. The holder is working with common household rubber bands to make the NFC tags reusable.

Step 2: Wiring (and Soldering)

Wire all components according to the circuit plan. The charging unit I linked in the components list has to be wired at GND and BAT to get the current from the lipo battery.
If you want to make the PCB-prototype version, then arrange the components like in the diagram and use wires to connect the components.

Step 3: Upload Sketch to the Arduino

We are working with an Arduino Nano. So you have to install the Arduino IDE here:

If the software is installed you can upload the sketch. Feel free to modify and play with the code.
Check the port you connected your Arduino to and choose "Old Bootloader" in the IDE settings.

Step 4: Use the Device!

You can use the device with most common NFC Tags (Mifare and NTAG21x) and any .WAV file on the micro SD card. Use the device however you want! It can be a learning tool, a music player or a useful aid for visually impaired and blind people. I would be happy to read how you used the device and what your modifications are.