Introduction: Scanner Rgb Led Lamp Pwm Controlled by Arduino Nano

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Recycled scanner rgb led lamp pwm controlled by Arduino Nano

Step 1: Final Result

This is what you get if you follow this instructable.

Step 2: Find a Printer

Look for a broken hp all in one printer. (Other brands can also have the parts, but I used hp)

Try to find a relatively new model. The older ones sometimes have a CCFL lamp instead of LED lamp.

Step 3: Obtain the Rgb Led Lamp (1)

Look for this part in the scan unit of the printer.

Step 4: Obtain the Rgb Led Lamp (1)

Remove the motor part

Step 5: Obtain the Rgb Led Lamp (2)

Remove the solder from the 4 pins.

Be sure all the pins are completely detached from the pcb.

Step 6: Obtain the Rgb Led Lamp (3)

Put a screwdriver under the pcb (start at the opposite side of the desoldered pins) and pull the two pieces gently apart.

Step 7: Obtain the Rgb Led Lamp (4)

The pcb is now removed.

Turn the black plastic part upside down, and now you can remove the led lamp.

A screwdriver can be a useful.

Step 8: The Rgb Led Lamp

The actual led lamp is the small part with the 4 legs. The long white extension is a kind of prism light diffuser.

It's a common anode led (shared positive pin)

Pinout from top to bottom (if you hold the led as in my picture):

Green, Red, Blue, common anode

Step 9: Connect the Led With Arduino Nano

Connect the led as in the picture.

I don't know the exact specifications of this led, so I used resistor values slightly higher than probably necessary.


red: 200 Ohm

Green and blue: 150 Ohm

Step 10: Arduino Code

Upload the code to get the same effect as in my video

Or customize it to your liking.


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