Introduction: Scanning to Email

scanning from the photocopier to your email

Step 1: Press "Scan" and Select Your Name

Step 2: Load Paper and Press Start

The auto feeder will scan multiple pages single sided by default. If you need to scan from a book or 2x sided documents, follow the 2-sided and book instructions below.

Step 3: 2-Sided Instructions: Select 2 Sided Settings

Do steps above, but before pressing the Start button, select scan settings , select duplex, select 2 sided and then OK twice.

Step 4: 2 Sided Instructions: Load Paper or Book

load first page, press start. Load next page, press start. repeat as needed.

Step 5: 2 Sided Instructions: Finish and Send

when all pages are scanned, click finish and then the Start button to send the email. the pages will be compiled into one pdf document and emailed.