Scarab 2.0

Introduction: Scarab 2.0

It has finally arrived! The Scarab 2.0! This is more of stunt plane than a dart. Though it looks advanced, it is very simple to make. It follows the same base as the 1.0 but with tweaks here and there. And yes, you can use printer paper for this one. And in case you were wondering, the 1.0 can be made with notebook or printer. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: To Start

Take the paper and put it width wise. The fold it in half, the open it back up.

Step 2:

Fold the corners to the crease, then fold the inside corners to the side and line it up.

Step 3:

Flip it over and fold the corners to the crease

Step 4:

Flip it over again and fold the nose about 3-4 inches or so, the fold it back up

Step 5:

Fold it in half

Step 6:

Fold the wings. They can be slanted or straight.

Step 7:

Fold the back fins

Step 8:

Fold the front fins

Step 9:

Push up the wings and fins

Step 10: Finish

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You just completed the Scarab 2.0! To fly, give it nice throw with flick your wrist, it might work with a glider- type throw. Hope you enjoyed this instructable. If you have any ideas that make it look cooler or fly better, I'm open for suggestions.

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