Introduction: Scare Bear

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This Instructable is my entry for the Halloween contest.  I have witnessed my 1 year old son be quite violent with some of his teddy bears, so I thought I would try and represent some of this abuse in his new, and now favorite teddy. It also gives the bear a little to fight back with.

This 'Scare Bear' aka Big Bad Bitting Bear only took about an hour to complete and cost me no more then $3.

I hope you enjoy, and make something similar for your child

P.S. My son will be going as a 'Scare Bear' as well, hopefully an instructable on the coustume as well....

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Most Items can be found around the house....

One well loved Teddy Bear
Set of chattering Teeth or false teeth
sewing needles
glue (hot and/or super) - make sure it is Child Safe
pen knife
and anything else you want to add to the bear

Step 2: Prep the Bear

Find the location where you want to insert the teeth (mark with pen)

Step 3: Doctor...Scaple Please

Cut an opening just a little smaller than the width of the teeth, we want a tight fit. Remove stuffing as needed.

Step 4: Could Have Been a Dentist Mom....

Add hot glue to the top of the teeth and insert into recently cut opening. Let the glue dry and repeat for the bottom.

IMPORTANT: if you are using chattering teeth, make sure the access for the key is on the bottom, so that it can be used.

Step 5: Trimming the Beard

Once the glue has dried, touch up the area around the mouth with some more glue and trim the excces teddy fur for a clean look.

Step 6: Doctor, I Can See

This may not be necesary for your bear, but I added a new eye to give it a sinister look. I used two buttons to give it some depth. I sewed the first one on, then super glued the smaller one on top.

Step 7: Cyclops?

I thought it would look good if the bear was missing the other eye, so using some thick yarn, made some stiches to look like his eye was removed (during the teddy wars of 1984)

Step 8: Burst Belly

For an addeed touch I gave the bear a large scar down its stomach to add to the effect

Step 9: I'm Alive

You'll need to cut a small hole in the lower jaw so that the key can be inserted to wind the teeth. It was a little scary whatching it chatter for the first time.

Step 10: Scare Bear Complete

And that's that. The scare bear is finished. My son will not put him down, and absolutely loves him.

Next step is to add an exposed skull, maybe a transprent peice of plastic so you can see the brains, or an exposed spine.

Please suggest ideas for improvements or make your own and post the photos.

I hope you have enjoyed this instructable. Please leave a comment and rate it if you like it
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