Introduction: Scarecrow Head Decoration: Elementary School Art Project

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Scarecrow Head Decoration: Elementary School Art Project

This is a fun project to use with kids in the fall months!  I use this lesson with second graders, but the idea could be pushed father if you have older students.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials Needed

Paper Plate
Random fabric
White School Glue
Markers or Crayons


construction paper
Paper Clips

Step 2: Cut the Burlap

Cut your burlap to size.  It helps with young kids to have the burlap pretty close to the size of the paper plate to start.

They can take their paper plate and trace around the plate with a dark crayon.   on my example I used a lid, this would be ok but the actual plate works better.

At the bottom of the circle they can create triangles to give their scarecrow a neck.

Step 3: Glue It!

Have them make a spiral on the paper plate and glue on their burlap.  Have them put the crayon marks face down.

You will need to warn them that the glue will come through the burlap, and that is ok.  They can wash their hands at the end and the glue will dry clear.

I tell my kiddos this is one of the few projects we break my glue rule (using dots the size of apple seeds and of course the dot dot not a lot saying)

Step 4: Fabric Eyes

I have a box full of random fabric scraps I've had donated to me.  Ask for this stuff, I promise you people will fork over all sorts of fun odds and ends.

Talk about the different shapes they can use to make eyes. Have the students draw out their shapes on the fabric with a crayon.   As long as the material isn't slick, crayon will show up.  They can cut and glue.  Tell them again, this is a time where they can use more glue than normal because fabric will soak it up and you need it to stick.

If they want you can use more than one type of fabric to make pupils, again let them be generous with the glue.

Step 5: Do You Smell That Creativity?

With another fabric (I tell them to choose four different types to start) have them create a nose.  Talk about different shapes they chose use to create their nose, just like you did with the eyes.  Remind them to be creative and that they do not have to do the same thing their friends are doing that part of having great creativity is being an individual. 

Again they can use a crayon (I should add crayola works best, why?  They have more pigment in their crayons than wax)

Step 6: Smile for the Picture!

Using another fabric have them draw and cut out a mouth and glue that puppy on.

Cutting two triangles and a square they can easily make a bow tie as well, other items can go here, and you will see in my students examples some ideas they came up with.

Step 7: HAY It's STRAW!

Yes, it is true sometimes I think I'm funny.

If you do not have any hay bails laying around Wal-mart sells decorative bails starting in October.  One bail will last a long time, I've had mine for a while and I still have hay!

Glue on hair, eyes brows, and even out the neck, anywhere you feel will make your scarecrow look like he belongs in your field or garden.

Step 8: Plate Hat

This is not easy for kids, when I was working on my lesson plan I decided to get rid of this step and allow the kids to use construction paper and cardboard for hats, that worked well.  However, if you look at the pictures here I think you can get the idea of how I made the hat.

I used a crayon to give my hat some color.

Step 9: GLUE IT!

That''s right kids, it's how much glue can we use Thursday (or whatever day of the week it is at the time), glue that puppy on and if needed you can use paper clips to hold it in place.

You can add more hay as well if you feel more is needed.

Step 10: Examples

Here are some examples I made as well as my students.

The kids loved this project and many had them up at home for Halloween and they can even hang out in November!

If you do this project I would love to see what you came up with!

Step 11: PoofRabbit's Tips and Tricks

PoofRabbit's Tips and Tricks

*Cut fabric down to size, this helps your little ones control their pieces better

*Sharpen your scissors, youc an do this just like you sharpen a knife.  I have this great tool I bought at the hardware store to make this happen.  You might be ok, but once in a while you will get a dull pair and it's hard for kids to cut.

*Remind kids to cut at the back of their scissors on the tips.

*Ask around!  You will be amazed at supplies you can get for free from people because they have extra junk lying around, and free is good

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