Introduction: Scarecrow - Intel IOT Roadshow 2015

Welcome to Scarecrow! This is a product that takes advantage of Intel Edison's interconnectivity with many devices in your home to create a cheap and affordable DIY home security system. It incorporates many technologies like working with Intel Edison's API, iOS development, Node.JS and Python backend servers and Pebble.JS. Read on to see how the product can be used.

Step 1: Before Getting Started..

In order for the entire Scarecrow product to be set up correctly, You will need the following hardware components:

1) Intel Edison chip

2) Intel Edison development board

3) Groove Shield

4) Groove Starter Kit Plus - Intel IOT Edition (or any Groove Kit)

5) iPhone 5S and above

6) Mac OSX device that allows you to build XCode project onto your iPhone (preferably iOS 9.0+)

Step 2: Software Setup for Scarecrow

In order for the project to work correctly, you need to install some dependencies and do some hacks. Here is a short guide for how to do them:

1) Setup Edison

Follow the steps here:

2) Hardware setup

Insert the various components into the following pins:

Groove LED red - D8

Groove LED green - D3

Groove LED blue - D2

Groove Buzzer - D6

Groove Button - D4

Groove Microphone - A0

3) Installing Git on Edison

ssh to Edison and type the following commands:

src all

src x86

src i586

opkg update

opkg install git

4) Running Node on Edison

ssh to your Edison and make a directory for your server

Clone the Scarecrow NodeJS backend server repo:

git clone

then, perform an

npm install

to run node, run the following command:

node index.js

5) Scarecrow iOS

To run the Scarecrow iOS app, you will need CocoaPods installed. See for details about that.

Clone the Scarecrow iOS repo:

git clone

Install the cocoapods needed:

pod install

Open up the XCode project, and run build!

6) Python Twitter client

Clone the Scarecrow Python-Twitter backend:

git clone

Install the requirements:

python install

Then run:


Step 3: Initial Authentication

With the Scarecrow system configured on in your home, when you enter the door a motion sensor will indicate to the Edison set-up that someone has entered. The alarm and lights will be ready to go off. A Macbook placed in front of the door will take a picture of you. You have a short amount of time to open up the Scarecrow iOS app on your iPhone (6 and above) and authenticate with your fingerprint ID in order to turn off the alarm. Otherwise the alarm goes off and the intruder's image will be posted on your Twitter account, as a method of shaming and for police investigation.

Step 4: If You Successfully Authenticate...

The alarm and lights on the Edison-set will not be triggered, and you will be shown a list of connected devices to the Edison that are part of the entire Scarecrow system. You can adjust the settings for the devices connected to determine if they should be part of the alarm system.