Introduction: Scarecrow Mantle Picture

Step 1: Find a Piece of Plywood

After findin a piece of reclaimed plywood or something similar cut into a rectangular shape.

Step 2: Paint the Board

Once your board is cut into the shape you desire paint and darker undercoat. Let dry mostly then paint the desired color of the face I used chopstick yellow. Any color you desire and I prefer acrylic paint it dries faster

Step 3: Time to Dress Him Up

While you are letting your paint dry go and dig in those closets or totes of clothes of the basement. You are looking for flannel or jeans or anything scarecrowish. I used an old flannel pattern button up and a pair of jean shorts( that no longer fit sadly). I also had an old burlap bag I cut into a strip for the bow

Step 4: Lets Get Dressed

Cut your fabrics to fit the board. Leave extra laying over the side so that it an be stapled to the back. To add a 3d effect I stuffed the shirt once stapled. With stuff I had laying around and extra fabric pieces

Step 5: Top Me Off

So for the top I started by painting across the top judge this space according to your scare crow. The hat is one of my sons hats that I cut in half and I chopped off some of the corn stalks I had outside for decoration for the hair. I didn't even let the coat of paint dried and stapled the hair on followed by the hat. To add extra character I put a top off the cornstalk out the top of the hat

Step 6: Face Off

Now it is time for the face lets start with the nose. Remember that pair of jean shorts well I cut the pocket off and cut it into a triangle. I stuffed it with some stuff again for that 3d look and stapled the very top and each side 1 time.

Step 7: Smile

For the mouth I simply used a black piece of string and formed it the way I liked and stapled into place.

Step 8: Sharpie Time

The eyes are triangles and made with a fat sharpie marker. All the detail around the nose and mouth was made with the sharpie marker. You simply start with the staples and go out that way a you like.

Step 9: Distress It

In order to get the rough and rugged I took a paper towel and rubbed the crap out of it all over until I got the look I liked

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