Introduction: Scarfs/ties/leggings/.... Organiser!!!

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My home is filled of things made from reusing old things. With the amount of garbage we create, the least we can do is try to use things we already have before throwing it out or before buying more stuff.


1. Any old hanger
2. Old Bangles or bracelets; or any old rings you might have
3. Thread/ left over wool or rope; you can also make rope out of old t-shirt (refer: )
4. Scissors

Step 1: Create a Pattern!

If you are using thin bangles like mine, i would suggest you to double them for extra strength.
And if they are of different colours, mix and match and create a pattern.
And then place them as in the picture.

Step 2: Time to Tie Them!!

Tie them using thread/ thin rope/ wool/ zip ties/ anything which would keep it a little flexible.
As i am using it to organise dupattas, they are longer than scarfs and need a little bit more space, so i am keeping it flexible by not joining the rings from all sides.
See the joining markings in the picture and you can choose according to what you want to organise.

Step 3: And It's Done!

Tie it all and hang the things you want. Put it in your wardrobe or hang it outside!

Step 4: Tip!

You can paint the whole thing in same or different colours, if you want to make it fancy!! :D

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