Introduction: Scary Demon Costume

In instructable I will show you how I made a scary demon costume. I decided to make this costume after being invited to work in a haunted house. I have worked in a few haunted houses in the past only putting on a mask or a little face paint; but I have never had a full character planned out. The hardest part was coming up with something I could put together quickly and on a limited budget but would still be scary.

Step 1: Background and Materials

Here is a list of materials you will need.


White shirt

Black hoodie

Worn out pants

Worn out shoes

Fake blood

Paint brush

Plastic knife

Cardboard box or plastic

Optional items:


Black cream make up

Step 2: The Mask

After picking my character the search was on for my mask. I chose a blue mask with horns that looked creepy but that I thought I could make look better. I started by trying to drop and splatter the blood on the mask but found it did not give me the look I was going for, so I decided to paint it on instead. I applied a layer of blood in the areas I wanted and then let it dry. I repeated this process till I had the desired look I wanted to achieve. The night of the haunted house I plan to add fresh blood to have it running down the face and out of the mouth.

Step 3: Make a Bloody Mess

Now comes the fun of making the shirt and pants. I used a plain white shirt and a pair of old work pants with holes in the legs for this part. I started by setting a cardboard box down as my work space and laid the shirt on it. Then I started making the splatter pattern by flicking the blood on it with the plastic knife and spreading it around with my fingers. I did the same process for the pants but also added hand prints by applying the blood directly to my hands and placing them on the legs. I then let the blood dry before trying either piece on.

Step 4: Final Pieces

After allowing the blood to dry it was time to try it on. I then added the shoes and hoodie as finishing touches. Now all that is needed is to put it to the test and see how many people I can scare with it.

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