Scary Pumpkin - Chocolate Covered Cookies

Introduction: Scary Pumpkin - Chocolate Covered Cookies

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Don't have the specific molds? No worries! Just use your muffin pan :)

Step 1: Method

Attached is an example of the specific mold to make these chocolate covered cookies. It is from Wilton but my fav. would be from Spinning Leaf. However, I used muffin/cupcake pan most of the time :)

Chocolate wafer/chocolate melting - orange color, if you cannot find orange chocolate, no worries, just get the white ones and tint with orange gel food coloring

Chocolate wafer - green color, or white ones tint with green gel food coloring

Chocolate chips


Sandwiched cookies such as Oreo but of course you can use any sandwiched cookies you like!

A little shortening/vegetable oil/coconut oil/paraffin wax for chocolate

Amount of chocolates are depending how many cookies you'd like to make. Melt them in 30 seconds interval in microwave, adding a little shortening for easy melting

Pour a little into the mold, press in cookie in center, then pour more chocolate covering it

Repeat steps for the other cavities

Harden in fridge and take them off the mold

Melt chocolate chips, pour into ziplock bag, snip the end and pipe eyes and scary smile

Break pretzels into stems

Melt green chocolate and brush the stems green and attach them to the cookies


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