Scary Shark Face Paint

Introduction: Scary Shark Face Paint

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Open wide for great underwater fun with this awesome shark face paint as created by Josje Wolters from her 2011 book Just For Fun Faces 2. Note: the amazing thing about this design is that your mouth is actually part of the design! So, when you talk, the shark's mouth actually moves along with your lips! Get it?

Step 1: Start With Blue

First, I began by using Lagoon Blue to form a upside down V shape that begins by the top of the bridge of my nose. This is where I will be painting

Step 2: Make the Shark's Face

Next, I filled the bottom section with black to create the outer skin of the shark's face. Then, I leave two spaces on either side blank to make the eyes.

Step 3: Continue With Grey

Now, I went into using grey to make the eyeballs and the inner skin of the shark's face.

Step 4: Continue With White

So, from there, I used white to fill in the shark's eyeballs, create the base for the mouth, and add some fun effects, like splash lines, highlights on the shark, and dots.

Step 5: Black Features

For the features, I started by returning to black to make the teeth around the mouth, added outlines to the splash lines (which you will see in the next image), and dabbed on a few shadows around the blue areas.

Step 6: More Features

To continue the features, I used red for the inner iris, and blood dripping down from the mouth. Then, I used black one more time to outline the eyes, as well as add a white highlight to the eyes.

Step 7: Swim Away in Style

Now, your shark can do the talking as you scare guests away in style!

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