Introduction: Scary Skull Lamp

I'm going to show you how to make a versitile skull lamp.

It utilises a usb led wire string, thus can use a number of power sources allowing it to be used in your car, at your computer, as a tree topper, or as part of a halloween costume.

Step 1: Components and Tools

For this lamp you will need:

Plastic skull (obviously!)

USB led string lights, wire type

Power source (mains or power cell)


3mm drill bit

Step 2: Construction

Drill a 3mm hole at the rear of the skull,

Unwind the led string.

Feed into the hole you have just drilled, the leds will be a tight fit, being the wire type they hold postion in the skull, and not drop to the bottom. This gives a better spread of light.

By using such a small hole when you get to the end of the lights the sleeve should be a tight fit and not need gluing.

All you need now is to connect the usb plug into your chosen power supply and switch on,

Step 3: In Use

As I chose to use a usb powered string light, it has created a versitile lamp that can be used in many scenarios, table lamp, as part of a costume, in your car, on your bike.

The use of leds has created a lamp which remains cool, I've run one of these lamps for a year without it feeling warm.

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