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Introduction: Scavenger Hunt + Free Printable

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Today I'll share with you this game I created for my daughter. It's her favourite game. We play it at least once a day.

I love that it is really easy to make, kids all ages love it, even if they don't know how to read. And because it's just a deck of cards it's easy to bring it to grandparents' house and play there.

It's perfect to complete a present. You can even make a scavenger hunt and have the birthday boy find his present. Or even Santa Claus could leave just a card under the tree and hide the presents.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

My printable. It's better if you print it on cardstock, or just glue it to a cereal box or laminate it.


Pencils, crayons or makers

A house (you'll need to be on a house to be able to play)

Step 2: Print and Draw

The printable I created has two sheets. The second one is for you to customize the game. Draw different items that you have at your house, (a bird cage, grandmas' photos, baby's bottles) with this you can even take the game to other parts of the house, draw your dog's house, sandbox, tree, crib, shampoo.

If you need more cards just print another blank set of cards. The more cards you have the more variety your game will have.

Step 3: Glue and Cut

If you couldn't print it on cardstock, glue the paper with a glue stick to a cereal box before cutting.

Now cut all the cards, it's faster with a craft knife and a ruler than with scissors.

I use a rubber band to hold the deck.

Step 4: Play

Send the kid to another room while you prepare the game. Start by choosing some cards, the more you choose the longer the game will be. My 6 year old daughter likes between 8-10.

Place the first card in a place you can describe. In the example above I told her "the first card is in something I wear on my feet on cold days".

In the place shown in the card place the next card.

See the pictures above for reference.

Once you finish your cards in the last spot place the treasure. It could be a present (if you are making this game for a special occasion) or if you are playing just for fun, the treasure can be candies, a toy that looks like a treasure or even draw a treasure chest on a card.

Different ways to play:

I've tried this game with many kids and they all love it. But you can make things different to add variety.

  • Let the kid hide the cards and treasure and you search them.
  • Take the cards to a different place (grandparents' house)
  • Take turns being the seeker, use your cell phone to take the time, the one that finds the treasure in less time wins.
  • Hide a stuffed animal and the kid can play super hero to go rescue it. (Yes, that'll make you the villain)
  • Hide something different to surprise them, tickets for a movie, a note that says "let's go buy ice cream", or "congratulations on finding the treasure, as a reward you may have today two bedtime stories".

Have fun!

If you want more activities for kids with lots of FREE PRINTABLES visit my blog.

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