[Scene] My Three Most Valued Spirits

Introduction: [Scene] My Three Most Valued Spirits

Hey my name is Daniel. In this project I will be displaying my three most valued spirits and emotions. These are the three best descriptions of my personality, lifestyle, and thoughts. I spent a lot of time making some of the scenes and the last two were my biggest challenges and my parents and siblings gave me very helpful criticism and helped me create some parts of the project.


Your three most valued emotions


Step 1:

Step 2: [Scene] the Spirit of Adventure (Decisions) (Journey)

This is one of my favorite and most valued emotions. Adventure is what I think makes everyone’s life interesting, it is the path through decisiveness, caution, and at the same time excitement and a fun journey. I created a bunch of pillars and floating rocks to make the scene more lively and added a path to represent the journey. Behind the character is a giant worm which they can either befriend or defeat, it is all one choice that will always effect them in some way. Adventure is about the thrills and unexpected new events. You cannot simply go on a fun adventure, but you must seek it. Sometimes I’m bored during the quarantine and go outside to see if I can find something interesting, though I usually end up watching some tv or YouTube since I’ve seen my backyard so many times and there weren’t any animals out.

Step 3: [Scene] the Spirit of Determination (Hard Work) (Concentrating)

This scene represents determination. I like to draw out my ideas of some inventions I want to make and keep them in a green folder. Green is my favorite color and the background represents this. I spend a lot of time during the days trying to think of new ideas when I’m bored and I try my best not to miss an opportunity to get the ideas closer to reality. Some of my ideas are kind of bizarre and fictional, but I create blueprints so that I know it will work and I know how it will work. In the background there is a picture of someone controlling the rocks and plants with their hands. I made this picture because my favorite elemental power is Earth. The room is made of mostly wood and live trees because this is what I picture my dream house to look like. Earth is strong and it is determined which is one of the reasons I chose it and the color green. I also made a Venus Fly Trap because it’s my favorite type of plant. In the project I have a bed as well made of real trees. I would like to live in a fictional place rather than a house or if I was rich a mansion. To make it I sat in a consistent position for a while and tried to stretch the shapes to match my position. It was a bit hard at the beggining because I made the character too small, so I scaled it larger to make it easier. My youngest sister Merit, who is four actually helped me which was pretty shocking. She told me to add the pillows and blanket. I’m starting to wonder what the beds would be without them. Would they even be beds?!? I got some inspiration from looking at Miles Morales’ room from Spider-Man into the spider verse.

Step 4: [Scene] the Spirit of Life (Creativity) (Caring) (Empathy)

The spirit of life is my number one emotion. Being creative is the very valuable because this makes you and other people special in your own way. My siblings helped me find some pictures of plant creatures and also gave me good criticism on what I should work on in this project. In my design I created a few plant creatures, some where based of pictures and others were just made up. There is one special creature which is very big. It is giant guardian who keeps the animal safe representing caring for others. The animals are the ones who made the space so sacred and lively so the giant owes it to them to keep them safe from dangers. This can go with people to because some times people do not see that the reason they did something great is because the environment helped them to get there. I think we all owe it the people to give back and help others because it could actually make a big change in their lives. I will include some comparison pictures to the ones that were made off inspiration. Also one of the creatures is my profile picture.

Step 5: Comparison

Here are the original inspirations.

Step 6: Thank You for Reading!

I’d like to see what your three most valued spirits/emotions are. Write them down in the comments if you’ve have any.

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