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My name is Shourya, I am a 10th Grader in India. The recent pandemic has been tough for all, but it has also allowed students like me to learn new skills. Me being an opportunistic person decided to learn 3D modelling in this pandemic season. From a little bit of research, I arrived at TINKERCAD, Heaven for 3D modelling and printing Beginners. While learning TINKER I came across a popup "TINKERCAD student design contest". So here we are now. Please vote for me, Hope you enjoy!


No strict supplies just a computer with internet connection and LOADS OF IMAGINATION!!!!!!


Star Wars, who does not know this iconic sci-fi tale. It has everything from the most menacing and fearing villains to cute and cuddly creatures like baby Yoda, so cute that whoever sees it is sure to say "aaawwww". If you can't tell by now I am a huge star wars fan. Star Wars features some of the well-designed and mind-boggling spacecraft. Two of them Being the Millennium Falcon; a swift, agile and a powerful spacecraft and the other being the Death Star a moon-sized space station equipped with a killer laser beam. Me being a sucker for sleek design, decided to make these two supreme builds to the test in an epic space fight.

This is a video of me making the scene check it out:

This is the set, move around and check it out yourself!

If you can't move around or the 3D viewer does not open, go to this link :

Obviously, the star of this scene, no pun intended, is the Millenium Falcon which is overpowered by the size of the Death Star. For this, I will leave a 3-D scene down below starring, again no pun intended, the Millenium Falcon.

If you can't move around or the 3D viewer does not open, go to this link :

Step 2: Race Circuit

I am a huge sports nerd. I love watching them and I enjoy playing them. One of my favourite sports is F1 racing. Due to the pandemic, the F1 season this year was postponed. This obviously made me disappointed, and since I was so excited this years season. I decided to host a race of my own. THE OFFICIAL TINKERCAD F1 RACE OF 2020, featuring Ferrari, Haas and Redbull (I have no affiliations to the above brands). Take a seat and watch the race unfold.
If you can't move around or the 3D viewer does not open, go to this link :

Checkout how I made it:

Step 3: Scene 3: War Zone

I have been fascinated by the military, their tech, their training, their precision. And I hold the utmost respect for them. So me being amazed by them decided to dedicate this scene to an awesome looking battle.

If you can't move around or open the 3D viewer, Go to this link:

Watch how i made it:

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