School Emergency Art Project

Introduction: School Emergency Art Project

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I teach in a school in NYC and with the COVID-19 showing signs here, we have been asked as faculty to start to plan for our students in the event our school is affected.

I teach 3rd Grade Art and have created this fun (group) project that the students can work on individually at home in the event of quarantine.

The Supplies are...

lyrics to a song or poem, printed out



good drawing paper

pencil, eraser, fine sharpie marker

large envelopes.

Step 1: Sit Beside the Breakfast Table

For this project I chose the song

Sit Beside The Breakfast Table

It is from an album and movie called The Point by Harry Nilsson. I printed it out and counted the lines and there were just enough for 30 of my students to have their own phrase to illustrate.

Step 2: The Next Step

Next I cut each line of the song into an individual strip and taped it to the back of the drawing paper.

Step 3: Packing Each Students Envelope.

Each envelope was packed with the drawing PAPER a pencil, eraser and sharpie.

Also enclosed was a copy of my note (Instruction sheet)


Enclosed you will find paper, pencil, an eraser, and a thin sharpie.

There is a short phrase taped to the back of each sheet of paper.

Please do an illustration that describes the words on your paper.

Draw with pencil, and outline with sharpie. ( we will decide when we get back together if we need color)

The words may seem a bit vague, however, I want you to think about them and do your illustration as creatively as possible.

I will give you a hint. The words are lyrics to a song . Each student has their own line to illustrate. When we get back we will piece it together.

Have Fun,

Ms. Cirigliano

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