Introduction: Schwaf-bee

This is a simple game me and my friend made one lazy afternoon.

Step 1: Parts List

1. Frisbee
2. You
3. Someone else

Step 2: Rules

-You and a friend stand 10 yards away facing one another with something in between each of you (pole, sign, tree) and stay planted. Throw the frisbee to the other person. If they catch it, they throw it back, everyone standing still.
-If they throw it poorly and you cannot catch it, take stationary jumps to get to where the frisbee lands. Every jump gives the other person a point. Jump as far as you can to make it more fun, fair, and make the game last longer.
-If one person throws the frisbee, the frisbee is in reach but is missed or bounces off their fingers and away, that adds points for every jump to the frisbee for the person who missed it.
-When you catch the frisbee, it has to be a legitimate try, and you can move one foot toward the frisbee while keeping the other planted where it was and stretch way out. Anything you can do to catch the frisbee with one foot planted on the ground all the time is fair game in your area. Otherwise it is points for the other person.
-You must take the fewest leapes to the frisbee. So if your last leap leaves you with less than a full leap, you must streatch to get the frisbee, ie. no 3.5 leaps or going up to 4, just round down.
-First to 30 loses.

To make it interesting:
-Play at night.
-Play with enough trees or street signs, or other things out of the way to throw, but enough of that stuff in the way that you can get the other person or yourself in trouble trying to curve the frisbee around a big tree or sign.
-Play when it's windy.
-Make throws that are within range of the person, but tough to catch (fast, curving, etc.)

For +3 people:

Same rules, but throw it from person to person in the same order. First to 20 is out (30 if you feel like playing for a while) and they are skipped the rest of the game. Last one standing wins.

Variation on the +3 person:

Anyone can throw to anyone else, but you have to call out the person's name before you throw. First to 20 or 30 is out, last one standing wins.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    not bad, me and my friend play somethin like this but it was more like the frisbee golf game thats actualy a game, and are variation you had to make it hit something and then another person catch it, if the person didn't catch it, and it was a 'fair' throw, then they are out, if it wasn't a fair throw, the thrower is out. it gets fun when you throw the frisbee over your neighbors house, lol