Introduction: Science Fair


Step 1: The Problem

The problem is that in some countries people drink dirty water and might get diseases or sickness

Step 2: Hypothesis

I predict that using a rock to attract the dirt inside the dirty water is gonna work and it will remove all dirt in the water

Step 3: Variables

The most important factor or item that i used to succeed in my project was the rock because i used it to attract the dirt in order to clean the water

Step 4: Background Research

I was watching YouTube videos and searching on the internet and watching past experiments

Step 5: Step 4: Materials

I used a rock and 1 dirty cup

Step 6: Steps

i got a cup and i put dirt in it

2: then I got a rock and put it inside the dirty water 3:then the water got clean

Step 7: Step 6: Analyze Data

So i used 2 different methods the first one i tried boiling the water for a period of time but it didn't work then i found a better way which was to use a rock and i put the rock inside the dirty water and it worked

Step 8: Results

The results after i put the rock inside the water the dirt was attracted to the rock then the water was slowly getting cleaner

Step 9: Step 8: Proving the Hypothesiss

My hypothesis was right since i said i think that the rock will clean the water slowly but surely and.

Step 10: Step 9: Evaluation

4- Communication and Social (collaboration) skills. I communicated with anyone except for my brother when he was helping me with the project