Introduction: Scifi Computer Vambrace

In this tutorial, I'm going to teach you how I made my computer vambrace for a costume I'm making. This tutorial might be a little difficult for some people.

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Step 1: First Things First

I cannot be held responsible for any injury caused be the making or usage of this prop. Please be careful and have fun

Exacto knife
Hot glue gun
Heat gun

1/2' EVA foam
Hot glue sticks
Buckles or Velcro
An iPod, iPhone, or other device
A case for said iPhone or iPod that you will never use again

Step 2: Patterning

Try to imitate the picture that I've provided as best you can. the larger square-like piece should fit around your forearm if you make it according to your body

Step 3: Shaping

Trace and cut out your piece.
Now to begin the shaping process

Heat the piece up with the heat gun until you can see the foam start to look glossy then roll it up into a very tight tube until it cools

Step 4: Assembly

Take the puzzle-piece endings from the Eva sheets and glue them to either side of the seam(put it on so that it's the opposite texture

Step 5: More Patterning

Make these patterns according to the curvature of the bottom of the new gauntlet. Make two of the first pattern. make the long piece the same length as your device's case and as thick as the wide part of the first pattern.

Step 6: Cutting and Glueing

Trace and cut the patterns onto the foam. Then glue them to the side that faces you

Step 7: Attaching Your Device

Take the case of your device and put a piece of Velcro on it and it's corresponding place on the gauntlet. then place your device in and you are done

Step 8: Finished Product

Now you've got an awesome looking computer gauntlet you can show of to your friends