Introduction: Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ 3rd LED Brake Light DIY Guide

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*Please keep in mind that this DIY guide will require modification to the original and aftermarket components. Please proceed at your own risk, iJDMTOY is not responsible for any damage or harm that can occur due to installation*

This installation guide is base on a 2013 Scion FR-S 3rd LED Brake Light Conversion.

1.) Underneath the vehicle’s rear diffuser, there are two (2) on either side of the light assembly. Remove those two (2) clips to allow more room for removal.

2.) There will be two (2) more clips on either side of the light assembly. Remove those and remove two (2) bolts that hold the assembly in place.

3.) Once removed, carefully drill a hole using the supplied drill bit in the back of the light assembly. There is a plastic in the middle of the circle that is raised; we recommend carefully drilling the center portion so the hole is not mis-aligned in the center.

4.) Using a metal file or any filing tool, shave down the four (4) corners of the socket slightly. Please make sure to shave down small increments at a time as the socket has to fit tightly within the housing. Shaving off too much may cause the socket to fit in loose and fall out easily. (We intended to use this kind of not exact circle shape socket so it will fit in the hole tight)

5.) Install the socket into the housing; it should fit very tightly. If it is a bit too loose, use silicone glue go around the socket to create a tighter seal.

6.) Remove the any plastic clips that hold the rear plastic cover over the bottom of the trunk.

7.) Route the wires from the tail light assembly socket through the bumper into the trunk area.

8.) Remove the plastic clips and carpet that cover the driver side tail light assembly.

9.) Locate two specific wires; tail light mode and a brake light mode wires. These are the two wires you will be tapping for power. Since the color combination of the wires from our socket may vary with different production batches, we recommend that you test which wire is which to double-check. You can test the socket by putting the bulb in there and touching the wires directly to your car battery; mark which wire is the brighter mode, parking light mode, and negative. Once you’ve determined the correct wires, tap them to the stock tail light assembly wiring.

10.) Tap the negative wire from the socket to the ground the black wire of the stock parking light.

11.) Check to make sure all the functions work.

12.) After you’ve checked, re-install all the components that were removed for installation and enjoy your new Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ 3rd LED brake light!