Introduction: Scion Xb Ipad Mount (Easy and Cheap)

Like a good number of people, I had the idea of mounting my Ipad in my car! I wanted it to be as cheap and seamless as possible. Sorry in advance for the mistakes, i'm french and its my first instructable... Its super easy and it costed me nothing to do! Theres maybe other similar instructable cause the idea is suuuper simple!

Step 1: Finding the Parts!

I tought about putting a shoelace but didn't want it to be dangling around so I found an elastic cord from an old jacket! I took the tensioner that came with the jacket, a zipper tab and of course the ipad (with a cover that has the front and back)

Step 2: Take Off the Radio Panel

I took out the radio panel by pulling the vents but you can take a flat screwdriver with tape on the end to prevent scratching.

Step 3: Install the Elastic Cord

I ran the elastic cord in one of the holes for the panel clips and put the jacket adjustment part at the end of it. To be safe I did a knot so the tensioner didn't fly away.

Step 4: Add a Handle

In between the two tensioner I decided to use a little handle to help pulling the cord so I took one of the zipper tab from the old jacket

Step 5: Snap Back the Radio Cover

Time to put back the radio cover! It snapped right back even with the elastic in place.

Step 6: It's Done, Use It!

Well we are done! You need an IPad case with a front cover. (Sorry for not mentioning it before) just slide it in and plug the auxiliary cable!