Scoochmaroo Challenge: Masks



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Scoochmaroo Challenge: Masks

As usual, you made it far too hard for us to decide, so we had no choice but to bump it up a tier.  Your entries were all amazingWell done, everyone. 


(alphabetical by author)
Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask
by Ikkalebob
Terror Bird Mask
by Lango84
Wooden Plaque Doctor Mask
by MissLead

Predator Mask
Mark 2
by n1cod3mus

Spawn of Cthulhu Mask
by pokiespout
BeetleJuice Masks
by qwertyuiopll
Deep Sea Diver Masks
by regnar11b

A special thanks to Makedo for providing awesome prizes for this challenge!  Be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter feeds and give them a shout of thanks for letting us continue to run challenges like this, and visit their webpage for some great inspiration!

The more entries, the better the prizes:

official rules