Introduction: Scooter With Built in Sound System and Computer

There isn't much i can say about this project i actually started it by building a scooter that i needed for transport. After i completed it i wanted to go even further by doing a complete sound system. The computer only came later after a accident with a net book and a can of coke. 

Here is a list of components in my scooter.

Sound System:

Sansui 720w 2ohm stable 4ch car amp
400w Sony 6x9 speaker under the seat
200w 5inch speakers in glovebox
ipod touch 16gb mounted under handlebars
Green fan with volt meter in engine compartment for cooling

built in computer:

Via 1ghz proccesor on a netbook motherboard
1gb ddr2 memory
60gb 1.8inch hdd
7inch TFT monitor under seat with brackets
wireless mouse in my pocket

Also have a second battery installed to keep everything running smooth the sound system and pc draw allot of amps. 

The Computer i use when i want to really show off my system at a garage or just when hanging with friends people find it interesting not knowing there is a amp and pc in the scooter till i open the seat. The sound system i use while driving and it all sounds clear at a 100km/h and i do alot of riding. 
I made a video for anybody interested in what i did hope you guys enjoy.

Im all the way from south africa.

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