Scope Probe Hangers With Sugru

Introduction: Scope Probe Hangers With Sugru

Keep your scope probes handy but out of the way.

Scope probes can be annoying when you don't use them, the probes clutter the workbench and the wires tangle with other wires of the project you are measuring and debugging.

You can disconnect them and roll them up when you don't need them but then you'll need more time to make a quick measurement.

The solution : scope probe hangers.

Step 1: Scope Probe Hangers

These scope probe hangers are made of Sugru so they are soft and flexible and won't damage the probes or cables.

I made two of these hooks of about 3 grams of Sugru each. The hooks are semicircles of about 270 degrees, the inner diameter is 12 mm, the thickness is about 4 mm.

Step 2: A Tidy Workbench.

The hooks keep the workbench uncluttered and the probes handy.

The Sugru multi colored minipack has 5 colors to make color coded hooks and plenty of Sugru for hooks for multichannel scopes.

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