Introduction: Scoreboard With Chromecast

There is a very simple way to have a scoreboard at home for your family games or competitons.
This can be used to keep the score of up to 8 players/teams of lots of games, like UNO, SCRABBLE, RUMMYKUB, etc...
...and the scorekeeping can be used without the Chromecast.
You only need:
- TV o Projector with hdmi connection
- Chromecast
- Android device (tablet or phone, 4.4+ to connect to the Chromecast)
- App scoreboard by pdemedina ( )

Step 1: Connect the Chromecast to the TV or Projector

Connect the Chromecast to the TV or Projector and connect it to the Android device

Step 2: Download and Install the App Scoreboard From the Google Play Store

Search for the app "scoreboard". You can find it using the terms scoreboard chromecast pdemedina, or use this link,
Install it.

Step 3: Start the App and Connect It to the Chromecast

Start the app and connect the app by tapping the chromecast icon on the top left of the screen.

There are several icons on the top of the screen:
Starting from the left, these are their functions:
1. Reset the scores
2. Set the initial score, the target score, the option to display the scores of the last round, the background colour, the game name and some additional info.
3. Add a player. Tap it and tap the area where you want to add the player among the options displayed.
4. To display the scores in every round
5. To display a graph with the progress of the game
6. To share the scores, the table of every round, or the graph in the social networks, or by email.
7. To become a PREMIUM user
8. To connect to the chromecast device. Tap it and link it to your Chromecast device. After a few seconds you will be able to see the scoreboard on the screen.

Step 4: Setting the Scoreboard Options

To set the initial score tap the left number and set the value.
To set the target score tap the right number and set the value.
To toggle between displaying the score of the last round or not, tap the small number in the middle.
To set the name of the game, tap it or the edit icon of the top. You can set the additional details in the row below.
To set the background colour, tap the palette icon. There are four different colours.
Once you set all you need, tap the green check to confirm or the red cross to cancel.

Step 5: Updating the Score of Each Player

Tap the player in the Android device.
A screen with only the player whose score is being updated will be displayed in the Android device. Set the points by tapping and combining the buttons on the right.
You can see the points that will be added below the new total.
You can substract by tapping the "+".
If you make a mistake you can reset the points to be added to 0 by tapping the button on the bottom right.
Tap the green check to confirm and the score will be updated on the main screen. To cancel press the red cross.
To delete a player tap the bin.
The name of the player can be changed by tapping on top of it.
The colour of the player can be changed by tapping the palette icon.

Step 6: Bonus

You can use the app without the Chromecast to keep the score of your games.