Scorpion Bike Stand



Introduction: Scorpion Bike Stand

This stand works for most mountain bikes.

The bungee cords in the picture are not relevant - I use them to keep the wheel straight when transporting.

The stand is great for cleaning, inflating the tires, applying chain lube, or other simple maintenance.

You need:

  • 18 inches of 2x6 (or 2x8, or 2x10, ...)
  • Electrical conduit
    • 1/2" IMC for 20mm crank opening - only available from contractor supply stores
    • 1/2 EMT for 18mm crank opening - any big box store
  • 3/4" Tubing bender
  • Tubing cutter or hack saw

Step 1: Base Assembly

Cut the base to 18 - 24 inches long

Drill a hole for the conduit (either 11/16" or 13/16" spade bit)

Sand the edges of the cut and hole.

1/2" IMC is stronger and a better choice if it fits your crank and you have access to a electrical contractor supply store.

A 10 foot piece of IMC is about 10 bucks vs 3 bucks for a 10 foot piece of EMT.

Step 2: Conduit Shape and Cut

Mark the conduit at 2" and 22".

Make the bend 90 degrees if using IMC, slightly less than 90 if using EMT (since it will flex)

Then cut at the 22" mark

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