Introduction: Scorpius Constellation Keychain

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Hello Guys,

in this instructable I will show you how I made this simple and cool scorpius constellation keychain.

You can watch the video above to see the making in action,

I hope you like this project.

Step 1: Materiels

I used to build this keychain:

1 - A piece of aluminium, (or wood)

2 - Rotary tool (you can use a file and a drill)

3 - Glue.

4 - Piece of paper.

5- Pencil.

6 - 432p/400p sand paper.

7 - Hacksaw.

8 - Small bit.

9 - Mallet or hammer

Step 2: Making the Constellation

1- I took a piece of paper, then I copy the stars of the scorpius constellation using a pencil.

2 - Then I glued the paper on the aluminium piece.

3 - I used nail and a mallet the mark the stars on the aluminium piece.

4 - I attached a small bit to the rotary tool, then I drilled the wholes (stars) through the aluminium piece.

Step 3: The Shape of the Key Chain

1 - Using a Hack saw I cut the aluminium piece to a rectangle form.

2 - with the rotary tool I sand the edges.

3 - then I rounded the corners.

4 - I add a letter N with a stamp, (optional)

5 - I drilled the last whole to attach the key chain to it.

Step 4: Final Step

Finally I sand the surface with 432p sandpaper then with a 400p sandpaper, then I attached the keychain.

I hope you liked this project, I'm waiting for your feedback,

Thank you for your time