Introduction: Scotch Eggs

Have it for Breakfast or Enjoy with a Beer. It's an ideal comfort food

Ground Sausage (I used Italian Seasoned just to save time)
Bread Crumb
Veg. Oil for Deep Frying
Salt and Pepper to taste (in this case, I didn't use any)

Grated Parmesan

Step 1: Boil, Cool, Peel

Boil the eggs
Soft- 5-7min
Hard- 7+min
(*Note- if you are going for soft boiled eggs, be super careful when peeling)

Put them in Ice Cold water to stop the cooking process

Peel and set aside

Step 2: Wrap It Up

Place a plastic wrap on your working surface (It makes thing way easier)

Place a portion of the ground sausage top and flatten out with hands

Flour the egg and place in the center of the ground sausage (Flour makes the meat stick to the egg)

Grab the plastic wrap and wrap the egg with the meat (Pinch off any excess and shape the egg)


Step 3: Foodies Assemble!!

Have bowls of flour, beaten egg, and breadcrumb ready

Start with the flour, lightly flour and brush off excess

Then beaten egg, sorta wiping away excess

And lastly the Breadcrumbs

Wrap each individually in plastic wrap and place in the fridge till you are ready to cook

Step 4: Fry Em Golden

Heat up the oil to 375°F for deep frying

Only fry them till Golden Brown

Meantime, preheat Oven to 350°F

Step 5: Bake and Serve

Bake for 10min.

To Serve/Optional:
On top of a lettuce with tomato slices
Cut in half and sprinkle Parmesan or Parsley or both :)


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