Introduction: How to Make Scouts Woggle "Turk's Head Knot"

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A Woggle is a device to fasten the neckerchief, or scarf, worn as part of the Scout, originated by a Scout in the 1920s. In this instructable, I will show you how to tie a Scouts Woggle step by step and in a brief explanation for each step. At first, you will find it difficult and complicated but when you get used by trying many times, it will be pretty easy.

The importance of the scarf that the woggle holds it protects your neck from sunburn and serves many purposes, such as for a bandage or as an emergency rope.


What you need in this instructable is a single high-quality rope of 100 cm length.

notice: It may differ a little bit in length because it also depends on the thickness and quality of the rope.

Step 1: History of Woggle

The earliest known reference to a woggle is the June 1923 edition of The Scout. The term was quickly applied to other designs of the fastener, of many shapes and sizes, and is today used around the world.

The word ring was used in editions of the Scouting handbook Scouting for Boys until 1929 when Baden-Powell changed it in the 14th edition: It may be fastened at the throat by a knot or woggle, which is some form of ring made of cord, metal or bone, or anything you like.

Step 2: Make an X-shape

Wrap the rope around your fingers " around the index and the middle finger" and form an X-shape by wrap on the other as shown above.

  • Make sure to hold the other end of the rope.

Step 3: Form Two Parallel Segments

Now rotate the free end of the rope and make it parallel to the right segment of X.

Step 4: Grab It From Underneath

Continue with the long end of the rope by grabbing it from underneath the right segment of the X- shape.

Step 5: Switch Over

Flip to the other side, now you see two parallel segments, grab the left one and switch from above the right segment and make a braid.

Step 6: Start Again From the Back Side

Now grab the free end and pass it through the hole from underneath the left segment.

Step 7: Grab It From Underneath Again

This is the last step of the hard part, after that everything goes well. In this step, you should again take it underneath the segment but now underneath the right one as shown above.

Step 8: Double the Rope

Now, this step is pretty easy where you should start from where you begin. As shown above, the short end is the start line where you should continue by following the rope around a second time to form the woggle.

Step 9: Follow the First Line

Follow the single line and double it, keep braiding the woggle to got the recommended shape. Here in this step, the thickness of the rope will affect on the diameter of the woggle where it will be bigger with thicker rope.

Step 10: Finish It

Keep doubling it until all the lines become doubled and no single lines are left. At this point, both ends of the rope will meet and this will be fixed in the next step easily.

Step 11: Cut and Join

After the two ends meet, you have to cut the two ends to become unseen from the inside of the woggle, then join them using heat. Here I used an iron to join them together.

Step 12: The Woggle Is Ready to Use!

Enjoy this simple tutorial by using a single rope.

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