Introduction: Scrabble Tiles With Laser Cutter

This is just a simple file upload for scrabble tiles which you can cut out on a laser cutter. The idea is too spray paint them copper and glue them too oaken disks which i have cut from an oaken dowel. I have included the files for both an english and a Dutch set.


Heavy paper stock

Laser cutter

Check out FabLAb

Step 1: Straight to Cutting

Just use this above pdf to cut out your tiles on a laser cutter.

Step 2: Gewoon Uitsnijden

Gebruik je pdf om je scrabbletegeltjes uit te snijden met een laser cutter

Step 3: Paint

I'd suggest spray painting the tiles first. I've made them attached so they wouldn't fly away while spraying. I'll upload a picture when i get to do this

Step 4: Cut Manually

Use an exacto knife to cut the tiles away from the skeleton.

Step 5: Glue

Glue the tiles to a substrate of your choice. I have cut and sanded well over a hundred of these oaken tiles by cutting down a long dowel. I'll be using these to give the tiles some structure.