Introduction: Scrap Guitar

My guitar produces sound when you pluck the strings and then they vibrate. Also the vibrations from the strings go into the sound hole and resonate out, amplifying the vibrations to make a great sound. When you apply pressure to the strings you can change the wavelength by shortening it and making a higher pitch when you pluck it. My guitar represents sound waves because when you pluck the strings you can hear the sound waves coming from them. It represents pitch/frequency because not only can you hear how loud or quiet the strings are, you can see how fast or slow the strings are vibrating and judge the pitch from that. Frequency is basically the rate at which something occurs over a particular amount of time, so when you hear how a sound and how many times it would repeat from the guitar you can judge its frequency as well. Another way to hear sound waves is the amplitude, which is how loud or quiet they are, so if you can hear the volume of a an object you can judge it’s amplitude.

The Doppler Effect is the change of frequency relative to a moving object. My guitar could demonstrate this because if I were in a moving car playing my guitar and there was someone sitting on a bench, they would experience the Doppler Effect as I am driving towards and away from them. This is because as I go towards them the sound they hear will become louder and higher in pitch and the sound waves become tighter and higher. As I move away from them though the sound they’ll hear will become quieter and lower in pitch and the sound waves become looser and lower.

Length of body=19.25 in. Width of body=12.5 in. 19.25 inches * 12.5 inches=240.625 inches Volume of my guitar’s body equals about 240.625 inches^2

The length of my strings is around 20 inches with the octave’s being around 10 inches. The width of the low E is a 42, B is an 11, and the high E is 9. First string is a low E and its frequency=82 Hz, wavelength=413 cm.; octave is frequency=164 Hz, wavelength=206.5 cm.Second string is a B and its frequency=247 Hz, wavelength=138 cm.; octave is frequency=454 Hz, wavelength=69 cm.Third string is a high E and its frequency=330 Hz, wavelength=103 cm.; octave is frequency=660 Hz, wavelength=51.5 cm.If I could do anything differently I would probably give myself more time to work on it because I really didn't know how long this project was going to take. The type of guitar I was trying to make was a cigar box guitar, but I didn't have enough time to fit the neck to the cigar box. Also tightening the strings were a real pain and I broke them a few times trying to tighten them. Overall though I enjoyed doing this project and enjoyed making my guitar.

If I won a laser cutter with this project the first thing I would do is bask in the glory for a minute or two and then immediately call my STEAM teachers saying that our school finally has a laser cutter. For quite a while my school has been building a new maker lab and we have been trying to find a laser cutter to put in this new lab. The labs purpose is to serve our school's students and help them to better understand the connection between what they are learning and the outside world. Having this laser printer we could teach students new skills to better their and the world's future. We already are having a class that is dealing with different CNC cutters and we have talked about a laser cutter, but we don't have the budget to buy a laser cutter. Here is the link to my school's website, were you can see for yourself what our mission is and what we offer. I hope that you understand our need for this fantastic tool and we would be honored to have one. Thank you for looking at my project, which wouldn't be possible without the resources of my school.

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